Synergy Range

We strive to meet the needs of both individuals and organisations with a comprehensive range of product, helping our customers benefit from the use of our products through better performance, fuel economy, lower down times and greater longevity for their vehicles and machinery.

The Passenger Car range utilises the finest base oils and cutting edge additive technologies to clean and protect your engine, improving engine response, fuel economy and your overall driving experience.

The comprehensive product range caters to the needs of various types of cars, from older to newer cars, premium and entry-level models, and has even been used in high-powered vehicles as well in races.

Synergy Motorcycle products have been tried and tested on track by our sponsored race teams. Even under the extreme stress of race conditions, our products delivered top-notch temperature control and incredible smooth gear transitions. These gave the riders solid control over their performance, consistently bringing out their best to beat their personal timings to secure podium positions.

For organizations that rely on commercial fleets, reliability and running costs are easily the top concerns. Hence, when we created the Diesel Engine Oil range, we prioritized meeting those needs. Our Diesel Engine Oil range is designed to improve overall performance for commercial vehicles, reduce downtime while minimizing maintenance costs.

Synergy Marine Engine Oils are a family of high-performance lubricants that are designed to provide cost-effective solutions for ship operation. The AQ Marine range includes products of various TBNs to cater to various operation needs.

The Synergy Hydra range of hydraulic oils are designed to lubricate, protect and transmit power more effectively. The family of products caters to operations ranging from common uses to extreme conditions such as mining and logging under harsh conditions.

When it comes to optimising efficiency and protection, we understand that machinery and equipment operating in various conditions have their own unique needs. Hence, when we designed our Auxiliary range of products, we created a comprehensive range to cater to the unique needs of our partners.

Driving is an experience that goes beyond performance of your engine. That is why we created the Chemical and Car Care range to work both internally and externally to keep your car in tip top condition.

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