Chemical and Car Care

Driving is an experience that goes beyond performance of your engine. That is why we created the Chemical and Car Care range to work both internally and externally to keep your car in tip top condition.

Brake & Parts Cleaner
Code Name: S1

SYNERGY S1 BRAKE & PARTS CLEANER is engineered to remove brake fluid, grease, oil and other contaminants from brake parts and drums quickly and easily. SYNERGY S1 BRAKE & PARTS CLEANER is also used as a general parts cleaner.


- Quick drying

- No-residue formula

- Cleans instantly

Carburetor & Injection Cleaner
Code Name: S3

SYNERGY S3 CARBURETOR AND INJECTION CLEANER is designed to work quickly, economically and conveniently while providing "instant" tune-up benefits. It dissolves gum, varnish, sludge and lead deposits to dramatically improve gas mileage.


SYNERGYSS3 CARBURETOR AND INJECTION CLEANER frees mechanisms bound by deposits on external parts, penetrates and lubricates internal carburetor pumps and valves to ensure optimum performance.


- Cleans PCV valves

- Improves fuel economy

- Instantly dissolves deposits

Fuel System Cleaner
Code Name: SD 15

SYNEGY SD15 FUEL SYSTEM CLEANER is a unique blend of premium solvents, surfactants penetrants and lubricants designed to safely remove sludge and other contaminants such as gum and varnish from within the intake system, manifold, fuel injectors and valves without harming the engine parts, O2 sensor or catalytic converters.


- Improves fuel efficiency

- Reduces difficulty of cold starts

- Restores optimal engine


- Removes contaminants quickly

   and safely

Penetrant & Lubricant
Code Name: SD 40

Engineered to loosen rust and corrosion almost instantly, SYNERGY SD40 PENETRANT & LUBRICANT is a unique blend of fast-acting, superior penetrating solvents that evaporate, leaving a transparent film behind on the surface. It penetrates quickly into cracks, crevices and threads, freeing rusted and frozen bolts, nuts assemblies and other fasteners.


Annoying squeaks are silenced by this friction-reducing lubricant. SYNERGY SD40 PENETRANT & LUBRICANT cleans as it protects all metals from rust and corrosion. Grease, tar, oil, adhesives and grime are easily removed from most surfaces.


- Reduces squeaks

- Keeps out moisture

- Loosens rusty parts

- Releases sticky parts

- Leaves a protective layer

2-in-1 Car Shampoo

SYNERGY 2-IN-1 CAR SHAMPOO cleans quicky and thoroughly without harming the paint work. Its wash-and-wax formulation means you can clean and shine your car all at one go!


- Fuss-free cleaning & polish

- UV protection for durable shine

- Easily lifts dirt, grease and


- Rich, foamy formula prevents

   formation of swirl marks

Tyre Shine

SYNERGY TYRE SHINE produces the deepest and wettest shine, while providing a barrier to help repel dirt and grime, without residue build up, sling or discoloration of the tyres.


- Anti-residue formula

- Restores shine immediately

- Does not harm rubber and


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