About Synergy

The lion - a symbol of both pride and power. With peerless strength and tenacity, it proudly rules as king. This symbol embodies the values behind every Synergy product. We take pride in the degree of perfection in the manufacturing process, using base oils and additives only of the highest quality. Our products meet and exceed the stringent requirements of many industry tests and standards, allowing your equipment to perform at its best, giving you optimum power.

The C-Nergie Sub-Brand

C-Nergie is Synergy's sub-brand for the chemical range of products. C-Nergie may also be used for lubricants in certain markets, like Taiwan, where the 'Synergy' brand is not available for use due to intellectual property restrictions.

Vision & Values

To be the preferred, world-class brand of lubricant and chemical solutions, providing our partners worldwide with first-class products and services.

Power in Motion
All Synergy products are designed to bring out the optimum performance in each and every area of application. In industrial and commercial applications, Synergy lubricates and protects your equipment, allowing them to run longer and smoother, reducing equipment downtime and maintenance costs.

In both land and see transport vehicles, Synergy provides performance and protection even under the most severe operating conditions. Using Synergy also results in cleaner emissions and a noticeable improvement in fuel efficiency, saving fuel costs while protecting the environment.

Pride in Perfection
Only base oils and additives go into Synergy products. Our base oils are sourced globally to find base oil that meet our stringent quality standards, and we develop our formulations using technology from the USA. Synergy products utilize the latest technology in additives, using only world class additives from the top additive companies in the world.

The degree of perfection goes beyond products to spill into every aspect of our operations. Be it logistics, marketing, sales or customer service, we take pride in our continuous efforts to create the perfect customer experience.

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