Power in Motion. Pride in Perfection

Tried and tested on real race track conditions as well as performance vehicles with very high power outputs, our Passenger Car range of engine oils consistently deliver high levels of performance.

Our Motorcycle products are engineered to provide solid performance and control whether on road or on track. Experience better temperature control and smoother gear transitions.

Our Diesel Engine Oil range is designed to improve overall performance for commercial vehicles, reduce downtime while reducing maintenance costs.

‚ÄčOur Marine Engine Oils are a family of high-performance lubricants that are designed to provide cost-effective solutions for ship operation.

The Synergy Hydra range of hydraulic oils are designed to lubricate, protect and transmit power more effectively for uses ranging from normal to extreme conditions, e.g. mining.

We understand that machinery and equipment operating in various conditions have their own unique needs. Hence, when we designed our Auxiliary range of products, we created a comprehensive range to cater to the unique needs of our partners.

Driving is an experience that goes beyond performance of your engine. That is why we created the Chemical and Car Care range to work both internally and externally to keep your car in tip top condition.

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